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What is the difference between flavors?

Our Original Slawsa is our most popular. It will start a little sweet and finishes with mild heat that will quickly dissipate. Our mustard and vinegar base is not overpowering, yet our mild crunch remains in every bite, amking it unlike anything you've ever had, in the most delicious way possible. Our Spicy Slawsa is not overly spicy but just holds the heat a little longer on the back end of the bite. Our Fire Slawsa is our hottest but because we use a habanero mash versus powder, we get true habanero flavor. Our Garlic Flavor is more similar to our Original, however, it has a beautiful garlic undertone for those who love garlic. 

Is Slawsa healthy?

Yes. Take a look at the nutritional panel yourself. Slawsa is all-natural, fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, very low in sodium, vegan/vegetarian. We have fans among dietitians from around the world. The one thing Slawsa is loaded with... is extreme flavor!

Is Slawsa only good on grilling fare like hot dogs, sausages, bbq and burgers?

While Slawsa is beloved on grilling fare of all types, Slawsa is also very versatile in its uses. Incorporate Slawsa with wraps, sandwiches and tacos. Use it as a mix-in in tuna/potato/egg salad. Serve it with tortilla chips as a dipper. Pair it with a soft or cream cheese atop crackers. Mix it with hardboiled egg yolks to make the best deviled eggs. Blend it with tomato juice to make a bloody mary mixer. Use it in slow-cooker recipes. Or, just spoon it out of the jar and eat it all by itself. The sky is the limit for creative ways to use and eat Slawsa.

Is Slawsa made in the USA?

Yes, Slawsa is 100% made in the USA. Our Cramerton, NC based business is also a 100% woman-owned business as well.

Does Slawsa require refrigeration?

Once Slawsa is refrigerated or opened, it does require refrigeration. If you purchased Slawsa shelf stable (which includes orders), Slawsa is fine kept in your pantry until you decide to open it. If you purchased Slawsa from a retailer in a refrigerated section, then you should keep it refrigerated. Of course, once you open it and the button lid is breached, it should always be stored in the refrigerator.

How long is Slawsa good to eat?

We have over 2 years shelf life from production. We stamp our "best by" date on each jar, on the glass, above the label. If you happen to open a jar near the date printed, it is still okay to eat Slawsa for several months past the date, so as long as it is stored properly in the refrigerator. The reality is, we almost never hear of it taking so long to eat a jar as most customers find themselves consuming Slawsa far quicker than they initially thought. We also note on our product description pages the current best by dates of each of the flavors you can expect to receive in your orders so you can be sure before you purchase.

Is Slawsa sold near me? 

Possibly. Our retailer list continues to grow. While we have some difficulty getting an accurate list from all of our distributors, please visit our STORE LOCATOR and patronize our partner retailers whenever possible, as they are the lifeblood of small businesses like ours. You can also print out our SLAWSA REQUEST FORM and give it to your favorite store that doesn't carry Slawsa yet.

Do you ship internationally? Or, what if I want to ship to Hawaii, Alaska or an overseas military base?

Yes, we ship internationally. Canadian customers can order just as USA customers do on our website (but we do sell in Canada at retailers, so check out that store locator first). If you are shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or overseas military bases, we will sell to you a 3-pack (not subject to discounts) for $26.99, shipping included. Please email and note "order" in the subject line. We'll reach out to take your order via phone/email. If you are shipping internationally beyond that, email and note "international order" in the subject line. Note the ship to address and we'll respond back what our options are for your area.

What if you don't offer a mix flavor pack of my liking?

We are always happy to custom pack a package to your liking. In the "special instructions" section at check-out, just note exactly how you want your flavors broken out to add up to the size pack you ordered. Please note that the automated response you receive for your order may only reflect the initial selection but rest assured we pack out per all special instructions notes.

What happens if a jar is cracked or broken in transit from my order?

This is a very rare occurrence, but accidents do happen from time to time. If this happens to you, please send a response back from your order confirmation email, or email noting your order number, which can also be found on the label. Please attach a photo with the damage and explain the damage as best possible. We'll get back to you within 48 hours with your options to make it right.

Who currently distributes Slawsa?

Our current distributors include:

River Valley Foods

Mitchell Grocery

Global Produce Sales/Associated Wholesale Grocers

DPI West

Jake’s Finer Foods

Snow Cap Enterprises 

Blue Mountain Distributors


If you are a distributor and would like carry Slawsa for your customers, reach out to

I am interested in selling Slawsa at my independent retail location. How can we start?

Depending on volumes, we can work with you directly, or through FAIRE ( New customers of Faire get 60-day payment terms with free returns, $100 site credit and free shipping for a year. If you want to explore working with us directly, send an email to We're happy to explore everything. 

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