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We are thrilled to answer your questions and please know we value your comments. Or, give us a call at +1 (704) 879-4411 (if we're not there, leave us a message and we'll get back).

Or, go ahead, tell us what's on your mind.

Please keep in mind the following before reaching out:

    • We will get to all correspondence as quickly as possible but please keep in mind that if you are reaching out immediately after an airing of Shark Tank or other national television appearance, there will be an abnormal delay.  Please be patient and considerate of the fact that we may be receiving thousands of emails and letters within a very short time and know we are working our hardest to respond to all of them as quickly as possible.  We appreciate the time you took away from your day to write to us and you deserve our time just the same.
    • If you send a letter, please let us know how we can get back in touch with you with an email address or phone number.  We love the personal touch of a letter!
    • We WANT people to purchase Slawsa at our retail partners first and foremost.  If your retailer does not carry our brand or the flavors you want, we are hopeful you request them to do so.  Of course, we are more than happy to fill all internet orders through our web store.  We are happiest though when our valued retail partners feel the love!
    • At this time, we cannot send free samples or coupons.  We are sorry.  We are hopeful that since Slawsa is an "affordable" and delicious product, you will have interest in seeking our products out at a retailer near you.  Guess what, Slawsa does go on sale occasionally.
  • RETAILERS ONLY: If, and only if, you are a retailer that is interested in carrying Slawsa, please write to  
  • MEDIA ONLY: If, and only if, you are a member of the media interested in conducting an interview, please write to
  • SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Julie has done numerous speaking engagements on a variety of subjects. If you're interested in booking her for your group, conference or virtual event, please reach out to or visit her speaking bio through TankTalkers.
    We are happy to hear all marketing proposals, however, we have set a few "rules" for you to abide by when submitting:
    • Rule 1:  All proposals must be received in the body of the email and not as an attachment.  We will not open attachments. If we are interested in hearing more, we will reach out to you to provide more detail.
    • Rule 2:  Please have a clear and descriptive plan to show ROI.  Note that we do not make investments in marketing where we do not see a return at least equal to the spend or if it does not align with our overall marketing strategy.  Marketing is, of course, a two way street.  At the minimum, if you cannot guarantee a return, plan on providing case studies to prove your program's worth.  Programs that are not well thought out and appear to be generic in nature will not be considered.
    • Rule 3:  Expect it to take several weeks for a response as marketing programs take time to review.  If you do your homework on the front end, it moves things along quickly on our end. Please submit to
  • Please keep in mind you saw an "edited" segment on Shark Tank that was taped several years ago. There is likely nothing that wasn't said during the taping that you think we should have pointed out. It likely just ended on the cutting room floor.