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2024 March Madness Contest


Pos. Name City/ST Points
1) Gary C Liberty Twp, OH 101
2) John T Garner, NC 92
3) Lori P Bellefonte, PA 91
4) Katie L  Marana, AZ 88
5) Cassandra D San Bernardino, CA 84
6) Jason D Meridian, MS 79
7) Terry V Potomac, MD 78
8) Tim D Warminster, PA 76
9) Michael L Charlotte, NC 71
10) 4 tied 67

Results will be updated after each round is completed.


2024 March Madness Contest Rules

  • Print 2024 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket - Click for PDF
  • Brackets MUST be received no later than Noon ET - Thursday, March 21st (we don't score the "first four" play-in games). Email brackets to or fax to 704-879-4570.
  • ONE bracket per participant; Every participant must legibly print their full name, email, city and state on their bracket upon submission.
  • Every participant may opt to "STAR" up to two upset specials, meaning if your upset is correct, you will receive the point difference between the two seeds. For example, if you STAR a 12 seed to upset a 5 seed in the first round, and that happens, you'll receive a bonus 7 points. NOTE: While you can choose many upsets, only the two that you star will have the opportunity to earn you bonus points, regardless of which round it is in.
  • Underneath your champion, you need to note the total points scored in the championship game. We'll use this as a tie-breaker if needed with the person guessing closest breaking the tie. If there is still a tie, we revert to the most round 1 wins exclusive of upset special points.
  • Points are awarded for wins per round as follows: Round 1: 1 point; Round 2: 2 points, Round 3: 3 points, Round 4: 5 Points, Round 5: 7 points, Picking the Champion: 10 points. We reward the points difference in correctly chosen upset specials between the two seeds, but note ONLY 2 upsets can be starred on your bracket to be eligible. No worries, we'll keep track of your points.
  • The winner will win two cases of Slawsa. The second place winner will win a case.

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